Inside a hale; one of the pools

Honest to goodness, maybe half the people who call me don't "get it" (make that 40%). Yes this a wonderful resort with all the facilities you could hope for, but please understand - this is not a vacation, maybe a better word is retreat. It's true, the location is beautiful. The Kona Village's history, its people, and its activities, they all bring guests from the world over who subsequently tend to return again and again. For the artist, however, their stay with Hawaiian Art Journey is first and foremost a week of study, growth, challenge, and renewal in their discipline.

What would seem like luxury to others is facilitation to the student. No newspaper to read and no phone to answer; no meals to cook and no resulting dishes to wash. If you have come this far, the idea is not to lose yourself but to gain focus and find your art (you know, the hiding Muse). The instructors are the best I can find. People I know, know of, or who have been referred. These instructors inspire by example and teach technique. I am thrilled to have them here (each and every), but this is not enough. The goal is to achieve a sum greater than the parts. Please realize what happens, what happens within you. (!)

Walk by the beach

The purpose of every thing done here is to open the door for you to go through. If that makes sense to you, then you also know that such intensity is limited in duration. Work all you can and then stop. At which point may I direct your attention to:

  • Ocean and pool - float, swim, or dive.
  • Hammock, lawn, or lounge - read, talk, or dream.
  • Walking, exploring, or exercise - clean your system, clear your mind.

When a balance of energies is achieved your best work and learning will take place. Please wander this site and Kona village's site as well. Please keep in mind that with all that is included within the resort, the goal of HAJ is your growth. Call me with questions, comments or idle speculation.