Frequently Asked Questions


The basics

What is Hawaiian Art Journey?

HAJ organizes one week art workshops on the Big Island of Hawaii at the Kona Village Resort. HAJ was started in order to bring artists of all levels to the Big Island to study with the some of the best instructors available for a concentrated and intense stay.

What is HAJ trying to provide for artists?

We seek to provide everything so that nothing comes between you and your advancement! Essentially, we are trying to provide a high end art retreat that immerses the student in a beautiful, relaxing new area where everything is taken care of in order to help the artist jump start his or her creative processes, rejuvenate, and advance in art.

What is the Kona Village Resort?

The Kona Village was originally a fishing village on the Kohala Coast but about 40 years ago it was transformed into the world renowned retreat you now see. (link to web cam at KV) The philosophy behind the resort is simple but luxurious. It differs from everything else on the islands by:

  1. Offering bungalow style hale in different secluded places around the 82 acre resort, as opposed to hotel rooms. (link to accommodations KV)
  2. Discouraging the use of intrusive technology and other distracting devices.
  3. Offering an exceptionally high degree of personalized service.

The grounds have great natural beauty and the resort has a very easy going, friendly vibe to it. Since it's located on the Kohala coast, the dry side of the island, it's almost always sunny and nice year round.

Some pictures of the resort.
More FAQ about the Kona Village.
A webcam at the Kona Village
Accommodations at KV
The Kona Village's website.

Why The Kona Village for an art retreat?

The Kona Village actually chose HAJ as a way to support the arts. We fill empty Hale on a space available basis and are generously underwritten by the owners in order to make this possible. We were looking for a place to hold workshops, so we jumped at the opportunity because it is such a great place for artists.


Who teaches for HAJ and how are they selected?

Our teachers are generally selected by referral and interview. Here are our standards and how we determine "the best": The instructor must be an excellent and accomplished artist, have a demonstrated commitment to teaching, and have a website capable of introducing themselves and their ideas. Dedication and a good sense of humor are important! We have instructors teaching in many different mediums and materials; oils, watercolors, pastels, sculptors, and gourd painters!

What skill level is expected of me?

Different classes are crafted for different levels of advancement. Please read the workshop description and, if in doubt, call the instructor. Classes are designed for absolute beginners all the way to practicing professionals. Check our listings.

How are the workshops structured?

Structure is up to each teacher and differs in each workshop. By and large there is lecture, demonstration, coaching, discussion and exercises, and critique. All of these instructors have experience with what works, from which you shall benefit. Classes typically tend to run for six sessions at around 3-5 hours a piece, after which the instructor generally sticks around for some further one on one time should the student wish.

What supplies do I need for the workshops?

Supplies are listed by workshop and are generally your responsibility. Call the instructor with queries. Plan ahead and FedEx. TSA don't like your bottles of thinner. Be advised.

Some things which would be unusually hard to find, difficult to ship, etc. may be provided with the class, if so it will be clearly listed as such in the materials list in the workshop description.

Are supplies available locally?

After the loss of our nice art store there is not a lot available. Have one of the mail order houses (Dick Blick, etc.) fill your list and FedEx to the Kona Village Resort with your name and class date on the package.
The Kona Village's address is:

Queen Ka'ahumanu Highway
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740

What else is suggested that I pack?

Comfortable light clothing - the temperature hardly ever drops below 70 F, even at night, and it hardly ever rains, so jackets and jeans generally aren't necessary. A light sweater for the night, maybe.

  • Slippers
  • Bathing suite
  • Sunscreen!
  • A relaxing book for after an intense day.

The Kona Village has a little shop for things like drinks, aspirin, sunscreen, etc.

Can I sell my art at the resort?

Yes though there are strict rules about sales in place by the Kona Village. Please follow this link:


How much does the week cost?

  • For a one week stay in a double occupancy hale it's $2,545
  • For a one week stay in a single occupancy hale it's $3,455
  • For an additional guest staying with you, but not involved in the workshop, it's an additional $1,900 for their stay, or $4,445 for the two of you.

Rates include all meals and most everything else needed. Please look at our cost page. There are also bonus codes for add on side trips that your teacher may have asked to be offered. Also special events or sponsored weeks may have different price quotes, if so the price will be clearly listed in the workshop description.

What is included in that cost?

We try to provide all the basics except for air fare and art supplies. All meals are included in the cost - and are very good. Box lunches for field trips are available.

Here's a full list of amenities included in the rate.

What is not included in that cost?

Airfare, art supplies, drinks from the bar, or any alcohol is not included. Extra activities like golf, the spa, or deep sea fishing are available through the resort but carry an additional cost determined by Kona Village.

A list of additional resort activities.

How much does the Kona Village Resort typically cost?

Kona Village is known for it's wonderful location and service but also for the people who choose it. They are accomplished and successful. When you see the KV price page you can see it is easy to be here for a week and spend $7,000. Right now there are specials on Orbitz and Expedia that with tax are over $4,200 for what we have in HAJ, and that is without our world class Instructors!

Are discounted rates available to returning artists?

Yes. Just call or email for details.

If I recruit others do I get a discounted rate?

Yes. Bring a friend and get $100 off. What a deal :) Just call or email for details.

Are there other ways to pay besides PayPal?

Yes. Checks, cash, whatever, just call or email - we're flexible, but please open a Pay Pal account (please). All of my bookkeeping is through Pay Pay. Other arrangements can be made but they, by necessity, cost more.

If I wish to stay longer at the resort can I continue to get the discounted rate?

Yes. You will get a favored rate but not necessarily HAJ's. You must speak to the front desk either before your stay or during.


Where are the best airfare rates available?

Hawaiian Airlines generally provides the best rates and specials to the islands from the West Coast. United is also competitive. Sometimes flying into Oahu or Maui, then finding a an inter-island special between the islands is the least expensive. Vickie Kiebler of Punahele Travel (877-320-0647) has always been good at finding me a competitive rate.

Am I provided transportation from the airport and back?

We are happy to pick you up if we have a name, flight, and time of arrival. Call, or better yet e-mail the Kona Village front desk with this info after your class fills and you have a flight. The Kona Village picks up its guests from the airport so a car rental is unnecessary.

If I choose a double occupancy hale who will I board with?

Our rates are based on two to a hale. If you chose the double hale rate you will paired with someone of the same gender but without regard to age or politics. If you wish to room with a friend just call or email your request.

What if I have to cancel my reservation?

Cancellations are possible up until 30 days before arrival but please read here: Reservations

What if the workshop I've signed up for doesn't get the required number of people?

Full refund except for 3% Pay Pal fee in some cases. So bring friends and let's get going. Please read the reservations page and call if in question.

Special Accommodations

Can the Kona Village Resort accommodate my food allergies?

The Kona Village has excellent service and the chief will accommodate to practically anything. One needs but ask. If it's of major concern, though, feel free to contact us, or even better, email the Kona Village about it.

Is the Kona Village Resort handicap accessible?

You bet, but you should call the Kona Village first and they will make sure everything goes smoothly for you. They're very good at that sort of thing.

Additional Activities

What additional activities are included in the initial cost?

Everything the KV has as it's regular program, including a children s program (but not in September). Please read this link but realize most waking hours are filled with art and eat and rest (eat and art and talk) along with some reading time.

What additional activities does the Kona Village Resort have to offer?

There are some additional cost activities that might be of interest to a non-art roommate you may bring along, i.e. Golf, spa, deep sea fishing, etc.

Here's a list of additional activities.

Are any activities outside the resort included in HAJ's program?

Only if your class is set up to travel and you have made prior payment. I am open to suggestions.

What else is there to do on the Big Island?

Ooooo... All kinds of good stuff. Should you wish to explore the island before or after your workshop there are great things to be seen. Hiking and ocean activities, Mauna Kea – the snow covered mountain, Waipio – the lush valley, the Volcano National Park, and much more. Two good websites for ideas are: Let's Go Hawaii and KONAWEB.

Who organizes Hawaiian Art Journey?

Hawaiian Art Journey is a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Hawaii. It is separate and distinct from the Kona Village Associates, although we work in conjunction with them. The principal stock holder is Robert Adams, the founding director. Its' stated purpose is to promote all of the arts in Hawaii and to encourage art tourism.

Additional Questions?

Feel free to contact us either via email at:

or via phone at: (510) 808 – 4424 (10-4 Hawaiian Time)