Frequently Asked Questions

The luau area at Kona Village

You call your bungalows 'hale.' Is that singular or plural?

There is no "s" in the Hawaiian language. Therefore "Hale" is both singular and plural.

Why donít the hale have air conditioning?

The constant sea breezes, trade winds and ceiling fans are a wonderful and completely sufficient substitute for A/C.

With screen doors and abundant louver windows for cross-ventilation you experience the feel of an island paradise. Without A/C you will not hear the intrusive hum of A/C units competing with the sounds of birds, surf and rustling palm leaves. Extra fans are always available should any guest need additional air ventilation.

Are there really no radios or televisions in the hale?

Most guests are amazed at how easy it is to break TV habits. If you have favorite programs, record them to watch when you get home. In the meantime, renew relationships with your spouse, your significant other, your family, and meet new people. Without television and radio, people find they actually talk to each other at Kona Village.

The object of the policy is to maintain the peaceful serenity of a Hawaiian village, not disturbed by the unwelcome sounds of radio or TV coming from a nearby hale or chaise lounge at the beach or pool.

How can I keep up with the news?

Every morning at breakfast, you'll find a New York Times summary along with the NYT crossword puzzle. They will give you a digest of big events and some sports news. The Kona Village boutique also carries the daily Honolulu Advertiser. Other newspapers-The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, LA Times, SF Chronicle-are available but delayed one day.

There are also two computers with web access in the Concierge Office which are available to guests, complimentary.

There's no reason to feel completely out of touch, but many folks find themselves happily drifting away from current events after just a few days in the Village. That's a wonderful by-product of life in the slow-lane.

Is it true that you don't permit guests to use cell phones outside of their hale?

It's true. Whenever guests are talking on a cell phone outside of their hale, they are gently reminded of the Village's policy. This preserves a quality experience for all guests who appreciate not having to listen to other's conversations while they are enjoying their relaxation.

Does that apply to using a laptop?

Kona Village is a place to step back in time and relax. If you must work you are asked to do so in the privacy of your hale. There is no wireless internet connection available at Kona Village and there are no data ports in the hale. A high-speed internet connection for laptops is available in the Concierge Services department if you must work.

I'm an avid SCUBA diver. What does Kona Village offer?

Kona Village Ocean Adventures offers one and two tank dives from our Dive Boat that is anchored right in Kahuwai Bay at the Village. No loading of equipment and driving to another location to board a dive vessel is required. More than 20 dive spots are within a short distance of the Village with superb diving. Our dive master, Jimmy Kilbride, is a veteran diver who has mapped shipwrecks on the Anegada reef system in the British Virgin Islands and worked as an assistant project manager for Marine Archaeological Ventures, Ltd. He also worked with Jean-Michel Cousteau and the Cousteau Society's Project Ocean Search to teach people about the underwater world. In 1991, Jim joined the Cousteau Society full time as an expedition diver. We're fortunate that Jimmy has now called the Big Island - and Kona Village - home for several years. We have dive packages as well as all the necessary equipment for a memorable experience, including DPV's (Dive Propulsion Vehicles). SCUBA certification is also offered for first time divers or for those who may have let their certification slip.

What are some of the in-room amenities?

In-room, you'll find a small refrigerator that is stocked with a complimentary selection of bottled water, sodas, and canned juices. A coffee maker, 100% Kona Coffee beans and grinder are also available. Tropical bath amenities include shampoo, conditioner and lotion. A variety of magazines are provided and a small flashlight is in every room for the evening stroll back to your hale after dinner.

With so many return guests, how will I feel as a 'first timer'?

The staff and even other guests are as friendly and welcoming as you'll ever find. Someone said, "Kona Village is really different-guests actually talk to each other," to which someone replied, "Of course we do-we're all family." If you treat the staff in a friendly manner, they'll respond in kind, and when you come back, they'll recognize you, and you, too, will be in for your share of attention and hugs. By the way, the staff do not wear name tags, on the theory that if they treat you well, you'll learn and remember their names as they will yours.

The Village is 82 ocean front acres. Is there a lot of walking involved or is there transportation available?

At check-in and check-out guests are escorted via a golf-style cart with sufficient cargo space for luggage, and the passengers. The walk from either the far north or far south end of the resort to the public areas may take 5 to 10 minutes but most guests welcome the walk for the exercise and often compare the walk to and from their hale like a stroll in a beautiful park.

If walking is a problem, you may request a hale nearer the public areas and reservations will do what they can, based on availability, to accommodate your needs. (Refer to property map.)

If you have great difficulty walking, there are options. You can arrange to use a motorized scooter which the resort keeps on hand. Or you can arrange with the concierge to have a bellman pick you up at a given time to bring you to dinner each evening. There are also hale with wheelchair access, and there is even a wheelchair with over-sized balloon tires that can be used to access the beach and Kahuwai Bay.

Can I remain anonymous even if I'm famous?

We have many regular guests who are well known and recognizable. You may not remain anonymous, but famous or not-guests and staff will visit with you just as they would anyone else.

On the other hand, if you seek privacy, that will be respected. At Kona Village it's easy to integrate into the "family," but it's also easy to remain aloof, if that's your preference.

If it's a long walk to the office, what do I do if there's an emergency?

Every hale has a red alarm box near the bed that will signal the office staff who will send security for immediate assistance. Also, most people now have cell phones and could call the office for help.

What about tipping?

A 15% gratuity is already included in your Hawaiian Art Journey fee.

What if we miss an included meal due to a day trip to the volcanoes or to play golf?

You may pre-order (by 6pm the evening prior) a box lunch which will be available for pick-up at the time you specify the following morning prior to your excursion from Kona Village. Or, if you prefer, the resort will give you lunch vouchers valid for meals at a number of popular restaurants on the island.

How do I rent a car from the village?

Hertz rental cars are available at the Village, and the concierge can set it up for you. 24-hours prior notification is appreciated and will help ensure a vehicle for you on the day of your choosing.

What about transportation to church on Sunday?

The concierge will arrange a taxi.

The Sunfish and Laser sailboats, wind-surfing, and stand-up paddle boards and the outrigger canoe look like great fun. Will the beach staff teach me how to use them?

For these types of water-sports equipment, a one-time instructional lesson is required to ensure your safety. After your lesson, use of the equipment is complimentary for the remainder of your stay. Use is always contingent on safe ocean conditions.

Do you offer tennis at Kona Village?

The Village has 3 tennis courts which are lit for nighttime play as well. A daily clinic and round robin as well as use of the tennis courts are all complimentary. Rackets, balls, and even shoes (limited supply) are available complimentary in case you forgot or didn't want to carry your own. Private tennis instruction is available from our Tennis Professional, Andy Klug, or his staff. (Fee applies for private instruction).

Do you have a lu'au dinner and show and if so, is it also included?

Guests may choose to go to our Wednesday aha'aina (lu'au) called Hula Mana and/or our Friday aha'aina called Savai'i.

Our aha'aina are also open to the public but seating preference is given to Kona Village guests. The buffet menu includes pig roasted in a traditional imu (earthen oven), poi, salads, fruits, vegetables, contemporary foods (fish, chicken) and tasty desserts.

Hula Mana primarily features the music, dance and chants of Hawaii, while Savai'i features the music, dance and chants of Polynesia. On Friday's some foods are also cooked in a traditional above-ground oven called an umu, as well as in the imu.

I have friends on the Big Island. Can I invite them to join me for lunch?

Certainly. Just go to the office and have them put your friends' names on the Village Gate's guest list so they will be able to join you

What do you do when it rains?

While the Village only gets about ten inches of rain per year, there are times when storms come in and it can rain vigorously. There are umbrellas in every hale and in the dining rooms. Of course, all meals are served indoors when it's stormy. Generally, these types of weather patterns move away very quickly leaving the Village sparkling in the sunshine the next day.

Do you sell stamps?

No, but your letters can be mailed by the office and the postage charged to your hale. However, all Kona Village postcards are mailed free of charge.

What should I pack? What should I wear?

Kona Village, as with most of Hawaii, is very informal. We do prefer that gentlemen wear long pants at dinner, but it is also acceptable to wear walking shorts, a collared shirt, and of course, always something on the feet.

During the day - at breakfast and lunch - footwear and swimwear cover-ups are fine.

Aloha shirts, shorts and sandals are the most common ensemble for men, and of course women have a much wider range of possibilities. Wear what's comfortable. A light jacket for after sunset is appropriate, particularly in the winter months.

What's the weather like?

The climate in Kona is as near perfect as you're going to get. The temperature rarely goes above the 80s or below the 70s, (Fahrenheit). Annual average rain is ten inches. Sea breezes come up late morning to cool things down along the shore and the wind usually goes down with the sun.

Can I play golf next door at Hualalai?

Yes, Kona Village guests can play at the Hualalai Golf Course. The greens fees are $250 and $75 for club rental if needed. Concierge Services can assist with tee times at the Hualalai Golf Course as well as more than a dozen other championship golf courses within short distance from Kona Village. For avid golfers the Village Golf Experience package can insure you get the best of golf and accommodations.

On our last day we're scheduled to take the redeye home. When do we absolutely have to leave?

Checkout time is 12-noon. However, if your hale is not scheduled for a new arrival that day, you can request a late departure for an additional charge. You're also welcome to stay for an additional meal, like dinner, at the usual charge for that meal. Otherwise you can just remain on property until time to go to the airport, which is only six miles (10-15 minutes) away.

What about helicopter tours?

Village concierge can arrange helicopter tours of the island. You will be taken by golf cart to our heliport, where the helicopter will pick you up right at the resort. When you return, the cart will be waiting to return you to our front drive area.

Does the store carry sundries such as toothpaste, sun block, feminine supplies, etc.?

Yes, our well-stocked Hale Ho'omau boutique has sundries, souvenirs, clothing, tee's, Hawaiian crafts and more.

Does the store carry books, like novels?

Yes, a few, but the Concierge Office also has a book exchange - books that have been read and donated by other guests and you are welcome to help yourself.

If I don't bring a laptop am I cut off from web access?

There are two computers with high speed web access available in the Concierge Office, so you can access the web during regular hours, complimentary.

Kona Village is so different from other resorts. How do I know it's for me?

We can't speak for the individual, but for many, many guests, Kona Village is a place to slow down, to go back in time to a Hawaii that is more leisurely, more sensuous, and more restful than the intense, fast-paced life of everyday.

In the Village, guests spend time at the fitness center, playing tennis, exploring the petroglyphs, jogging the paths, and of course snorkeling, sailing, kayaking-taking advantage of all the amenities or signing up for an adventure aboard the Ribcraft.

For first timers to the island, they can sign up for helicopter tours, horseback riding, hiking tours or rent a car for a day or two to explore on their own.

Either way, with enough time spent at Kona Village, a transformation begins to happen, and guests soon realize that there is virtue in just being, in soaking it in, enjoying the beauty of the surroundings and the casual friendliness of staff and other guests. They soon become selective, and choose the snorkeling OR the sailing, OR whatever, knowing there is plenty of time to indulge in whatever they want to do; or, they can do nothing at all which can be equally exhilarating. Many close, long-term friendships are forged at the Shipwreck Bar over tropical drinks and free popcorn!

If you are logo conscious and enjoy being part of "the scene" the Village may not be right for you. Here you can be yourself while truly relaxing for the first time. Disconnect to reconnect

Above Text has been copied and modified with permission from The Kona Village Resort.