The weather at Kona Village is beautiful year-round here making this kind of dining possible.

Truthfully artists are not always the best people to look after their own health. Almost by definition artists are those who are willing to sacrifice for the sake of art. You see where I am going here. Without your mental and physical health no art gets made. Here we are at work turning you in the right direction. Breathe deeply now, relax, enjoy, create.

Your self critical side may be placated when it figures out that this trip should be tax deductible. Please check with your tax professional but if you are making or attempting to make sales you should be a "home business".

Crab, ahi, shrimp... mmmmmm


Ours is a passion for art but... one does not live by art alone. And, certainly cooking is an art, and we have to eat anyhow.  SO.......... here you will find some of the most enjoyable food you can ever hope to encounter. Your meals are all included. There are two open air dining rooms serving island inspired cuisine. Special events include: Sunday Brunch, Paniolo Bar B Q , and twice weekly Luaus. You will not be disappointed.

.........Not to dampen the party but personally I am on a diet, so I shall also mention the many exercise opportunities and the wonderful but not fattening food choices.