Ruth Block

Anatomist and figure drawing

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I mentioned elsewhere that I have two, honest to God, masters. If Darrel is one, Ruth is the other. When you go to her web sites check out her history. The current cliche is "She has been there and done that". And she has. What she knows is that there is a body of knowledge built over centuries and no shortcuts to it. She is an anatomist and teacher of figure drawing and painting in various media. I know of no finer.

Ruth Block fills a position with the Art Institute of California-San Francisco where she teaches beginning undergraduates up through MFA students and those returning to the field. Now she has created (and sold) numerous fine paintings, and her newest book has just been released (His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama already has a copy and says he loves it). The reason I sought her out, however, was to teach figure drawing where she is still tops in the field.

A very kind and delightfully fun lady, but do not let that deceive you, a Parris Island drill Sargent is less exacting. She, more than anyone I know, can advance your depiction of human beings. And as a bonus she has an award winning series of DVDs available so that you may take her lessons home and take them to heart. On one of her sites,, is a list of the DVDs (also available in VHS) at the bottom of which you may click on a video sample. Because of her many commitments, including full-time faculty, her dates at HAJ are limited. Avoid disappointment - Sign up!

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