Darrell Hill

Plein Air oil landscapes

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It was remarked to me that many of the best art teachers are mid career.  They have both the reputation and the energy to attract students and travel.  Darrel Hill, on the other hand,  is one of my two, honest to God, masters.  What is deceptive is that he looks younger than he is but, never the less, he is a master of oil painting. He has long attracted seekers and students and happily he does not have to travel.  He lives not ten minutes from me. There is little I can say about his work that is not better seen on his web sites.  I will however add that he is a very nice guy and those who get to study with him are lucky indeed.

Contact Information

web site: http://www.darrellhillfineart.com/
email: arthawaii@aol.com
phone: (800) 228-2006

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