Paul Jackson

Watercolor Master

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Yes Paul Jackson is a very fine artist, yes he has a great wife who often travels with him, yes nice kids.  But really he is a FORCE OF NATURE.  Teaches 20,000 at once in China, signature member AWS, youngest admitted to AWS, designs his state quarter for US mint, Paints/shows/teaches/blogs and merchandises. I understand he blogs well but, not leap tall buildings in a single bound. You need to see his sites to understand what a single artist can do with talent and unending work.  He was booked thru 2010 but I sidetracked his vacation and have him here on Jan 9.   Study up but do not delay.  There will be a Masters of Watercolor meeting at HAJ in December of 2010 but that is by invitation and you must speak to Paul.  Again: Study Paul's Blog and his work and feel free to call me (HI. time 10 to 4) but do not miss out.

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