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I saw Penny King's gourds before I saw her or had a chance to speak to her. They are magically and magnetically attractive. You realize what they are while at the same time being enticed by their beauty, Photos do not tell the story. You want to touch, and pick up, and then own. I did not even know there was such a thing as gourd art. The use of gourds is prehistoric, yet Penny seamlessly blends in high tech finish, resulting in something both familiar and enticingly novel. If you are a two dimensional artist looking to branch out... look here. If you are an intellectual artist wishing a more visceral art... pay attention. If you are in the galleries or on the show circuit.... here is a "got to have item". Beautiful, utilitarian, and affordable.

There is a body of knowledge to gain before succeeding with gourds. You will have a very busy week with Penny. She is very generous with her time and knowledge and this limits class size. Gourds are seasonal and this limits dates available. We may be the only nationwide art center with our own resident "gourdist", "gourdet" "gourdy"* ? In any case there is an additional fee for supply's and the shipping of your work home. Penny is vastly charming and you should feel free to email her with the best time for you to be called as I am sure you have questions. * (Not gordo as Penny is not at all fat)

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