Darren Mahuron

Advanced Creativity

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If ever there was some one hard to describe it is Darren Mahuron.  Nice guy, I mean really, easy to know.  But his art.....Hoo boy!   Right away I need to say,unlike others here, what he does, is not what he teaches.  What I have asked him to do is teach creativity.  Now a'int  that an assignment?  Actually this is something he already does.  Soon after I write this he will be traveling north to teach at corporate headquarters of Target.  There he will teach/inspire/revitalize.  When you think about it he is a good match for HAJ.  Darren has family, clients and little time to spare so his visit here may be the only one this year. Sign up, bring friends.

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web site: http://www.summitstyle.com/
email: darren@summitstyle.com
phone: (970) 443-4861

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