Nance McManus

Pastels, both serious and fun.

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I think pastels deserve more attention. So for that matter does Nance McManus. As always I am searching for people who are teachers, masters, and most of all passionately committed their work and life. There you are: a summation of Nance. Now for frosting she comes to us with the recommendation of Ruth Block! Now, in a perfect world you would be here twice a year and take at least one course with Nance and one with Kelly. Please (please) Google Nance and look at what she has done and is doing. The advantage of the internet is lost if you do not do your research. She may only be here once in 2011 and I suspect a quick sell out. No matter where you stand with pastels it is "akamai" to see what is happening, and what can be achieved with them. As always call either me or Nance on our respective local times. Looks like HAJ is on the way to being a "pastel powerhouse".

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