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Amazing Acrylics

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Well the specialty here at HAJ is intensity. With Shadia this is a given. Knowledge, enthusiasm, and intensity. Please read her (understated) class description. There are three things differing from the other classes. In a group of (old) Masters, Shadia is a mid career artist; among primarily realists, she favors more abstraction; and she has a passion for acrylics. If you are not working in acrylics here is a chance to immerse yourself. Often a change like this can bring freshness to your thinking and renewed enthusiasm. This class is both a good start for a beginning artist wanting to use color and a welcome jolt to the working artist who wants to "rethink" Beyond which, it should be as much fun as can be had standing up! I see this as a good two person class where you (the artist) advances yourself and your companion (non artist) gets a taste of the joy that motivates your life. Not all of the classes here have such broad appeal.

For the working artist there will be help on the commercial appeal of acrylics including a discussion of substrates and Shad's mural work. This class also offers a chance to gain knowledge on survival as a fine artist. Want a public building to be graced by a lobby mural? Need a distinctive restaurant interior? Need some good Mayan ruins painted on your bathroom. Call Shadia. Darrell Hill recently finished a fabulous arts and crafts style piece of painted furniture. Kelly Borshiem has returned form Italy where she received acclaim for her sidewalk work. But the walls... The walls belong to Shadia.

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