Potential Instructors

Ahi Burgers!

Artists and art teachers work hard and few get rich thereby. For most of us, however, life itself is rich. Hawaiian Art Journey intends to further enrich your entire year by a week or more of appreciation, relaxation, and time to gain focus. Because of the generosity of Kona Village we offer you and your students an unparalleled value. You will be paying less than half the normal rate for this all inclusive stay.

The rate is for double occupancy and the location and grade of hale (a small freestanding house) is assigned on a random basis. So you may find yourself in a very deluxe room indeed! AND if you bring 10 or more paid enrollments we will pay for your stay as well as your teaching stipend. Please note: this includes room, three meals, events, most activities, taxes and transfer. Not included are art or other supplies, alcohol, some menu items*, golf, diving, or spa services and any travel expense.

If you have fewer than 10 paid enrollees we can add your class description and dates to our web site and see what we get. Even paying your own way it is a world class bargain at a world class resort, and you still receive a stipend to help offset travel. Click here to enroll.

*So the lobster gets to live.