More Painting by the lagoon

Hawaiian Art Journey's program is very relaxed and informal. We are currently organizing classes in one week stays. Instructors typically teach a total of six sessions at three to five hours a day, after which the student (you!) is free to do as he or she pleases. The schedule is purposely left very open and relaxed. A student may come and go as he or she wishes and create, when, and for however long, he or she wishes. Instructors will be present throughout the process to help inspire and focus. The idea behind this program, as well as our choice in facilities, being to create the perfect atmosphere for creative growth and renewal.

Come join us and others of a like mind for a week (or more) of learning, relaxation, and focus. Our facility is wonderful beyond words (although Conde Nast calls it part of the gold list, "World's Best places to stay 2008").

The Kona Village is the best place to bring your art into focus and we are providing the opportunity to for you do so. For your stay here you will be fed and sheltered on the beach at Kahuwai Bay. You will have your own hale' with double (or single) occupancy. You are free to participate in drawing groups. Take the class you came with or join others on a space available basis. Most of all this is time away from daily life with no T.V. , no radio, no telephone or worries. Please tour this web site and feel free to contact me, Robert Adams, the director of Hawaiian Art Journey at:

Some finished work