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What if I have to cancel my reservation?

No reservation is confirmed until it is fully paid and the class is a "go". We have selected "PayPal" to handle our transactions because of its superior security and ease of use. If you have a paid reservation and find you can not attend we will issue a full refund up to 30 (thirty) days before the start of your stay. After that we have committed the funds and there are no refunds. Call us if there is someone who you will authorize to attend in your stead. You must make their arrangements. While we make no travel arrangements remember our caution to buy a suitable travel insurance policy and know its contents. Airlines have become increasingly restrictive on ticket changes.

PayPal will refund in kind to the account that was originally billed. In other words, If you paid with your Visa card you may not have a cashiers check made out and sent to another person at a new address! PayPal also restricts refunds to 60 (sixty) days after initial payment. Should you have made reservation more than 90 day before the start of class (as I hope you will) refund can be made to your PayPal account less the administrative fee of 3% (three percent).  Remember your cancellation may drop the class below its minimum level to start so please try and find a replacement. Then book another class so that we may see you as soon as your difficulty is resolved.