Stay for Free

View from a hale is how this works. We do little paid advertising and rely on word of mouth to bring students from all over the world. If you bring 10 or more people to form a class for a week, we will pay for your stay. If you are an instructor we pay a stipend. If you are a model we will pay you our going rate to pose for the class. To restate this: You may be an artist and organize your friends, you may be an instructor and bring students you know from the past or gather for this event, you may be a model and gather your best clients and invite them as a reward to them and you. The organizer has their name on the listing and stays without cost. If you do not have an instructor/mentor call me as I have some wonderful choices for you. If you organize and need models please call me during Hawaii business hours. Two final thoughts.

  1. You can do it!
  2. Don't wait. (Call me)
Wedding at Kona Village Resort
What if I have to cancel my

What are my payment options?
    We currently use Paypal because of it's flexibility, ease of use, and security. Paypal accepts all major credit cards, direct bank account transfers, checks, or even cash.